Let Davis & Davis design be your marketing department. We can develop and implement a complete marketing strategy which best suits your business, and appeals to your potential customers. In our marketing design studio we produce innovative advertising design and marketing solutions for small and large businesses. All promotional materials can be produced from flyers and poster adverts to pop banners and press ad campaigns.

We help you to decide the best way for you to market your products, services or business to customers. We assist you in laying out objectives and executing them. Marketing objectives might include:
Increasing your sales
Launching an advertising campaign
Bringing in new customers
Getting your existing customers to buy more
Introducing a new product or service
Increasing your market share
Better establishing your brand
Improving customer loyalty
Launching a PR campaign
Encouraging word of mouth
Giving existing customers exclusive offers
Ensuring business stays fresh and new
When designed well, printed advertisements are a great way to promote message to your customers. Print adverts include newspaper and magazine ads. We produce creative and original advert design for any given size and spec.
Internet ads allow for creative and flexible design so we can make your message more noticeable. Online advertising allows you to reach a large number of customers quickly and also target certain customers when necessary.
We design billboards and large outdoor adverts that get noticed. We help you to decide on a strong message and design the artwork. As well as large printed ad space, there are an increasing number of digital billboards available to advertise on. Outdoor advertising is a great indirect marketing solution to attract new customers and promote your business or event.
A mixture of strong typography, eye catching imagery and well worded messages make our successful poster designs. Whether you need a batch of posters for an event or a more permanent banner design we can help.
We design flyers, leaflets, postcards and brochures which can be posted directly to a mailing list or delivered by hand door-to-door. A well designed postal campaign is a powerful direct marketing tool which can help you to gain more customers and sell to existing customers.
We offer custom designs and can arrange printing with many specialists to produce the best a solution for you. Retail graphic design services we offer include pop up displays, window graphics, stand display panels, floor graphics and point of sale (POS) displays.
Email campaigns are a form of direct marketing as the audience is targeted and the message is sent directly to them. We can help you to design a powerful email advertisement target the right people. This could be through an existing customer database or a bought list of email addresses.

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